High level of specialization in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare products at an international level:

  • Strong international network associates
  • Deep knowledge of local markets
  • Integrated team
  • Successful track record in asset management (M&A) and licensing

Flexible and profitable business model for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Low risk
  • External resource contractible project by project
  • Optimized internal structure: less time and costs compared to the traditional business development model

Monitoring of progress, identification of risks in the delivery of priorities and timely resolution of issues

  • Continuous client follow-up and effective response to client enquiries
  • Business development strategies prepared according to the needs of the client
  • Real business development activities in the field

Your Business development resource in Outsourcing

  • Expand your networking
  • Presence in European markets: less time & cost for your company
  • Flexibility: only when and where you need it.

High level of Services

  • Commitment to the Client
  • Versatility
  • Transparency & efficacy
  • Confidentiality
Biopharm Assets Added Value